Important Points for Roof Maintenance

The cedar roof you save will be your own. It is always best to know what are the options before starting the work.

Cedar roof maintenance is a worthwhile investment with the right company.

Important points to consider in determining contractor for doing roof maintenance:

 (Also see Cedar Bureau page – The Dos & Don’ts of Cedar Roof Restoration)

Shakes and Ridge caps should be of a comparable type as is on the roof currently.

Power washing should only be performed by persons experienced in working with cedar roofs

A treatment to protect the roof MUST be applied within a reasonable time after power washing the roof. Non-treatment will cause the roof to dry out excessively and severely shorten the life of the roof. A reasonable time is dependent on weather conditions.

Treatments applied to the cedar roof surface must allow the wood to breathe. Acrylics, paints, waxes and silicone based products suffocate the roof and shorten the life of the materials.

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau material includes a warning against companies that offer a 10 year warranty for their work on your cedar roof. There are several reasons why a warranty should not exceed 5-years.

Cedar roofs need to be inspected at least every 5 years for wear and damage. A roof that has not been inspected for 10 years may have to be replaced because early signs of wear and rot were not caught in time.

Roofing companies can tend to be very transient. More often than not, companies that offer a 10 year warranty will not be in business in 10 years. If they are gone, so is the warranty.
Check with the Better Business Bureau, city hall in the city they are located, etc before signing the contract.

What to ask for before signing the contract:

  • Credentials of company
  • References
  • Insurance and WCB papers
  • Contract laying out the scope of work and price
  • Technical information or MSDS on product used to treat roof
  • Contact information
  • Approximate start date
  • Payment options